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1.  Safety

  • Safety is our number one priority and every precaution is made to ensure that our building, equipment and outdoor facilities are kept clean, organized and in excellent working condition. 

2.  Learning

  • Learning is at the core of our curriculum. Teachers plan lessons to promote growth for the whole child.

3. Rich Classroom Environment

  • The classroom environment is the most important source for learning and must be organized and used in ways that make learning positive, engaging, active, and exciting. Children’s learning and work are the focus of the classroom. Our classrooms are literacy rich with reading and writing incorporated throughout.

4. Respectful, Caring Relationships

  • Staff members and children build strong, caring relationships through their daily interactions. Staff members get to know each child and encourage the development of learning dispositions.

5. Observation & Reflection

  • Teachers carefully observe children in action. They examine children’s development formally and informally through assessment, portfolios, student work samples and various other means. At the same time, teachers reflect on what happens each day in the classroom (e.g. What worked? What didn’t work? What proved engaging for children?). Teachers assess their own planning preparation in evaluating a lesson’s effectiveness.  Based on their observations and reflections, teachers make adjustments and accommodations in the curriculum to support the learning of individual children and of the group.

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