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Preschool Programs Rochester, NY 

Daily Schedule

7:00-7:30                      Table Top (Puzzles, Legos, Gear, Tinker Toys, Etc.)
7:30-8:30                      Free Choice Activities (Dramatic Play,  Science, Blocks, etc)
8:30-9:00                      Breakfast & Bathroom 

9:00-9:30                      Morning Meeting (Morning Meeting, Sharing time, Move & Groove, Poems, etc.)
9:30-10:30                    Literacy Centers & Fine Motor Time. (Listening, Guided Reading & Writing,
                                     Letter/Concept Sorts, Letter Tubs, Art Activity)
10:30-11:15                  Math/Science/ Technology Center time (Number Sorts, Guided math, Pattern blocks, 

                                     Geoboards, Computers, Experiments, Sand & Water Sensory Table)
11:15-12:00                  Playground/ Gross Motor Time

12:00-12:45                  Lunch & Bathroom
12:45-1:00                    Read-A-Loud
               Rest Time
3:00-3:30                      Snack & Bathroom
3:30-4:30                      Playground
4:30-5:30                      Science Exploration & Writing Workshop
5:30-6:00               Table Top Activities (Puzzles, Legos, Gears, Tinker Toys, etc.)



Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc. uses a spiraling curriculum, in which children are exposed to all academic concepts each year, with every year building on the prior year and becoming more complex.   By Kindergarten, children have a solid grasp of the concepts they need to be successful learners in the classroom. All activities are differentiated to meet every child's individual needs. 

Beginning in Junior Pre-K (3 year olds), children are exposed to numbers, letters, shapes and colors, with the understanding that they will not be expected to master these concepts.  Children at this age do not understand that shapes, letters and numbers are symbols that we use to communicate.  However, exposing children to these concepts builds up their background knowledge and sets the foundation for future learning. 

The following year, in Pre-K (4 year olds), more time is spent on these concepts, as children at this age begin to understand that letters and words are symbols that we can use to communicate ideas.  They understand that shapes and colors can be used to create things.  They are also ready to begin using pencils and crayons to write letters and numbers, as their fine motor skills are more developed than their predecessors in Junior Pre-K.  We begin to show children how to write numbers and letters, and provide them ample opportunities to practice with them using a variety of mediums: crayons, markers, colored pencils, magnetic letters, paints, stamps, books, etc.

By Kindergarten (5 year old), children are able to synthesize what they have learned in the years prior and are ready to use these numbers and letters at a higher level, understanding how they use these numbers and letters to communicate.   In Kindergarten, our focus becomes on teaching children how to read and write by combining these numbers and letters that they have learned.  We teach children how to add and subtract using real life objects.  We provide them with opportunities to use these skills in real life situations: post office, restaurant, bakery, grocery store. 

 All activities, regardless of age group, are planned to enhance growth in the following areas:

  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Cognition and Knowledge of the World (Math, Science, Technology, SS)
  • The Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Dramatic Play & Theater, Dance & Creative Movement)
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Personal Health & Safety
Our Facility
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preschool programs Rochester NY

Our Junior Pre-K Classroom

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